What Is Cubic Zirconia?

What Is Cubic Zirconia?

If you’re looking for affordable jewellery online at the moment but also want to make sure that you invest in something beautiful and high quality at the same time, it could certainly be worth keeping an eye out for cubic zirconia (CZ) pieces, as these are inexpensive but still have the same sparkle you expect to see in diamond jewellery.

The material itself is synthetic, so manmade and created in a lab, but it has lots of the same qualities that diamonds do, so you can get the bling for a lot less buck.

What’s great about CZ, aside from the affordable price tag, of course, is the fact that it’s almost as hard as diamond is, so your new accessories will stand the test of time, representing a brilliant investment for you and your jewellery box. CZ is also completely clearless, unlike diamonds, so they’re a beautiful stone to wear.

You’ll also be able to find CZ in all your favourite gemstone cuts and shapes, as it can easily be created to replicate diamonds and other precious stones. This makes the material a brilliant option for anyone looking for a stunning engagement ring but who has a tight budget to work within!

To clean the stones, all you need to do is get a soft-bristled toothbrush and a little bit of washing-up liquid, and give them a gentle going-over to bring them back to life. Just make sure that you’re careful as you go, because CZ is easier to scratch than diamond, because it’s not as hard.

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